Climbing on your back so you can show Me the True meaning in the words,
“But I only saw one set of footprints.”

My Ownership of you will be the Strongest Experience you will ever know.

you cried out on bended knee for a sign, and… here I am.

This is My current passion & playground. Something to amuse and absorb My constant desire to experience the many layers of Servitude, Loyalty & Dedication.

My expectations are VERY high. Strive to meet them and you will begin to rise to a level that may allow your lips to graze the soles of My feet.

Its a Seductive and Alluring bond created between us. you adhere to the idea that you exist for the Use of a Strong and Empowered Woman, to build Her a foundation and Lift Her Higher.

I Am that Woman.

you are ready to deepen our connection based on this belief, to lay yourself Open for My use. you will begin this journey by releasing your male experience to Me. Day in, day out, drip by drip, it is the cut of submission that marks you as Mine.

It begins everything…

At most you’ll experience only the first prick of the cut that opens you to Me, but the gesture is everything. This is how you become visible to Me.
** Listen **

 This is a High-End 30 Day Platinum Experience.
This will be the most captivating Mastery of your life.
Choose carefully, it’s a trap, a lure to bait those who are worthy of My attention.

Each word I speak is a drop of My Essence that wets your thirsty mouth. Drink Me in… Taste each and every word I speak and feel Me burn My place inside of you. Lured in by your own desire and need, exhausted from your search for Me. Feel My embrace binding you, wrapping you in it’s web.

Finally, you have arrived. you are here to serve Me, and I will Use you. It pleases Me to see you drip with sweat trying to Impress Me and Please Me. Dirty knees excite Me and this is where you Get to learn how to become My most memorable Pleasure slave.

This Platinum Package was designed because you Need something More, you Want a Reason and a Purpose. It is everything you need to live the life of your dreams at My feet. you will learn to become magnificent in The Art of Pleasing Me. It is solely about surrendering yourself to a Strong, Empowered, Superior Woman, Period.

This is for you if: you are seeking to evolve into the transformation of who you really are as a slave, submissive or Goddess Worshipper. To tap into the purpose for which you were created, and that purpose is the Mystery that you seek Here.

I have the ability to reach in and begin sculpting your soul as well as you mind, so you can begin feeling refreshed, relieved and desired, but most importantly Wanted.

you must be prepared to surrender all of your male experience, pride, ego, rage, anger, self sabotage, any and all negative impulses no longer exist for you. I will reshape your thoughts, the way your see yourself, the way your see the realism of this life, as well as how you process the poisons of this reality. you will become Quality, you will gain Strength of Heart and Mind with a Passion to serve My wants, My needs and My desires.

Over the course of our connection, we will explore the Psyche of the Mind, and the many layers of the male experience. Deepen your connection with Me and you will be led to Greatness, My Greatness, and because of this, you will begin to find Purpose and Value with Limitless potential to offer Me.

It is about awakening to the Power within all Women by Acknowledging their Superiority. If you want to participate in this journey then you must commit to stretching the expansion of your mind, shedding the rotted layers of your life. I expect you to come equipped with the desire, financial means and time to do whatever is necessary to walk this path.

As your Goddess I can be gentle and kind when probing your mind, or I can be seductive and cruel taking from you what I want and leaving you shaking. Seducing you until you fall into oblivion just by hearing My voice. you are truly Mine, My pet, My love to do with as I wish. I take from you and you gladly give over and over to please Me.

Imagine how it feels for Me to open you and Unlock your entire being. Softly caressing the strings that will soon bind us together, enslaving you to the will of My heart. Weaving My Magick in and around your Soul, strengthening it for our new Lifetime to come. Feel the warmth of obsession as it spreads through your body while I Take you as Mine.

As you sit there reading, you feel the arousal of our connection. you are already stunned and amazed by the sense of ease and trust you have for My words, My rhythm and for Me. Have you noticed yet that you are falling deeper and deeper into My trap, My Love Spell, My twisted adventure? Feels good, doesn’t it?

Sensual agony, tease and denial is the perfect way for you to demonstrate your Loyal and Dedicated service as My Pleasure slave. As each second passes, you Feel your base instinct rising to Please Me. Eagerness to prove your faithfulness to Me is all you can think about. It is your duty and purpose, you must follow through and become Mine. 

Listen Carefully to what you cannot change…
From this moment forward, that cock you have there Belongs to Me, I own it.
It is My cock, and I will tell you Exactly what to do with it.

Lucky, lucky boy.

I relish the art of tease and denial. It is an art you know, a seduction that begins from the very first word and builds until the final moment of ecstasy. For some, tease and denial is defined in simple terms – denying someone over and over until they can’t stand it and have to cum. But it’s about more than that, it’s about control.

Picture yourself naked – your hand on what used to be your cock, but is Now My cock, stroking in honor of Me. One word from My lips will still your hand, although your base instinct is to continue. I might make you wait minutes, hours, days or months until you are allowed to touch My cock again. In these agonizing moments, you will learn to control yourself and Obey Me. It is here that you learn true fidelity and respect for Me. you provide, through your actions, that you are adhering to what I command.

I let you touch My cock again and soon you are reaching towards that moment of ecstasy that we all strive for. Again, I deny you and you must obey. This is no time to act like an excited little schoolboy My pet, you Will follow every whispered command.

When you touch yourself again, I want you to close your eyes. Reflect on the Feelings surging through your body. Hear My voice and shudder with delight, you are Mine now. I have seized control and will do what I wish. If I order you to put My cock away, you will do so. If I command that you do not masturbate for several days, you will not hesitate.

My voice provokes a response in you, one of utter fealty and devotion. you know I can be harsh and unforgiving when needed, but you accept everything I give you. you are My Pleasure slave and I am your Goddess. you will Listen and obey.

There are steps, a sequence of events like pieces of a chain strung together. There’s a beginning, middle and an end. It may sound rather scientific but a good tease session elevates far beyond this structure.

Like everything, tease and denial is not just about the physical side but the mental side as well. I like to torture your mind as much as I torture that cock.

But it’s not torture. Not really. you see, when you are as Devoted to Me as you say you are, then it becomes a Pleasure. A pleasure to serve Me, a pleasure to let Me do what I want.

And when, finally, I allow you to cum for My pleasure, your body will shake with desire. your orgasm will reach the tips of your fingers and toes, and you will experience the rewards of being truly My boy, My lover, My man.

Understand though, tease and denial is not about the orgasm at the end, rather, the journey and adventure it takes to get there. During our training sessions you will discover that this is where the true pleasure lives in serving and honoring Me through your actions.

Even when I pull you away from the brink of a mind blowing orgasm, you follow My direction. Yes, I know it can be uncomfortable, but a little pain makes a lot of pleasure.

I like to test your limits. I want to see how far I can push you before you break. It is there, within the recesses of your mind that you will taste true submission. When I have pulled you beyond what you Thought was possible you will be taken to a place of true delight, where orgasms aren’t the end goal. In fact there’s no end goal in sight. Rather, your continual subservience and Worship to Me is what drives your pleasure.

It is the simple things that will make those feelings course through your veins and make your blood like fire. And you will feel connected to Me, to the Universe, in a way that you never thought possible. you will be pushed into subspace and will find yourself floating on the waves of pleasure. With each time, our emotional connection will develop and grow. And that, My Pleasure slave is what true tease and denial is about. Feels so good, doesn’t it?  

Don’t fight it…
Embrace it as it wraps you in its strength.

Go ahead… Feel it, accept it.
Absorb more of Me, you know you want to.

Brace yourself, I’m going to Mind Fuck you, and you will Thank Me for it.

This is the beginning of something Magnificent. What I am offering is the opportunity to explore the loss of inhibitions, the heightened sense of desire and the hypnotic imagination of fantasy. I have the touch of a healer and an inflictor, the eyes of an angel and a deceiver, and the compassion and sensuality of several lifetimes. I am what you hope for every time you are on bended knee. I am your Goddess, your Mistress as well as your Lover, but most importantly, I am the Head Bitch in Charge.

As a Woman, I come equipped with an arsenal of masks. Each one unfolding another delicate layer of your mind. I am a Psychological Seductress and a Master Manipulator. The psyche of the mind is My specialty.

Lust, Love, Intimacy, Companionship, Sex, Desire, It all lives here. It’s online servitude And it’s an Adventure.

I am confident, intoxicating, fine, fabulous and workin it. I’m riding in the fast lane, so if you cant keep up then get out of the way. I’m real, honest, intelligent, sexy and complex. I love the chase and the Intensity of being mentally stimulated. There is nothing more exciting to Me than a Genuine Pleasure slave. you know them by their Need to surrender all. The sincerity, excitement and thrill to let go, to fall in, to risk it all for Me. It makes Me wet at just the thought of It.

As my Pleasure slave you will lay your sexual appetite at My feet. I Own it, it is now Mine. I will twist it and mold it into a benefit for My enjoyment. you will learn control and How to prolong the pleasure and satisfaction you will bring Me. Spoiling Me and Pampering Me should Instantly make that cock hard, because you know it pleases Me.

To become My Pleasure slave means you are subscribing to Intensive Sexual Manipulation, Coaching and Twisted Adventures. Some men have been known to Literally lose their Minds.


you will Become the standard by which All men should be judged. you will learn when to bend at the knee and when to rise and become the man I have need of.

To become a great Pleasure slave and Lover is more than just learning technique. you need to offer All of who you are. I want Every part of you involved in our Sacred time together.

Because I am so emotionally attached to My sexuality, I feed off of every part of who you are and the Desire you are showing Me.

One of the Greatest things you can do is to learn how to love completely, Body, Mind and Soul. To walk in awareness and anticipation of My needs is the Greatest Gift you can give your Goddess. So, here is your chance to show Me you are impressive and that your ability to Serve, Worship, Honor and Adore runs through every part of your being.

This is how you will prove you are Worthy of My Time, Effort and Energy. There are many of you who want to join Me in this Adventure, and I would love to experience what you have to offer. Then there are those who are absolutely useless, so the following structure has been designed to separate the boys from the men. I only have interest in those who have what it takes to Be chained at My feet.

It Begins with you arriving Prepared:

** you are Ready for an Intensive 30 days of My Focus and Attention.

** you are Ready to lay your Soul naked at My feet while I Resculpt the very Essence of who you are, born again into My likeness.

** you are Financially Secure, your bills are paid and you are able to indulge freely in this Life Changing experience, which includes Following Through with your Tribute and any of the Action steps I may require of you, (Toys, new clothes, etc) Without hesitation.

** you are Honorable and Respectful.

** If you are married, you are not here to destroy your marriage, rather grow and enhance it by your experience here.

** you Fully Understand I am a Goddess, and you are Expected to Rise to a level of Greatness. I wont allow a fool at My feet.

** you Fully Understand our connection is about an exchange of Energy between each other, and you will not devalue it, or lower its Momentum by complaining or not following through with tasks and assignments.

Its not a session, it’s a Lifestyle.
Feeling the weight of your purpose and duty is your Reward.

What I Take I transform. What I transform bares My Essence and the power to become a more perfect pet and preyling of your Goddess, clarifying your thoughts and easing your spirit into harmony with Mine.
So… What can you expect from Me as your Goddess, Healer and Muse?

In addition to everything else already mentioned: With My Feminine Magick…

** I will wash away the past, giving you an opportunity for a New Start.

** I will bring you fresh perspectives and expansive new thoughts, so you can entertain Me with Inspiring conversations that make Me want you more.

** I will lead you to your Most Empowered Alignment, so you can Successfully withstand My Heels digging deep into your back while you lift Me higher.

** I will teach you how to tap into your creativity, so you can work Impressively to Please Me with your passion and drive.

** I will teach you the Language of Universal Energy, so you can easily tap into My Rhythm and anticipate My needs, and fulfill My desires.

** Most importantly, I will Use you, drain you, fill you back up again, and repeat the process over and over and over again. you are Mine to do with as I see fit.

How does it all work? When you Invest into your 30 Day High-End Platinum Experience, you will gain INSTANT access to My PRIVATE VIP Line which is only $0.25 – In addition, for the 30 days you will be with Me, you will participate in:

** 1 VIP Intensive (3 consecutive hours, with (2) 30 minute assignment breaks) 4 Hours Total of indulging in the VIP Intensive that is a Perfect fit for your style of serving. The VIP Intensive Packages are listed in the “Sidebar” (On the right). you get to choose 1 to include in this 30 Day High End Platinum Experience.

** (4) 60 minute Scheduled calls

** (2) 30 minute Random calls

** (2) Personalized Audio Recordings

** Random Tasks, Assignments and Chores throughout

** Daily Email Check-In’s

It is clear… you are drawn to Me. This cannot be denied. you cannot wish to deny it. It is why you are here and why, increasingly, you cannot bare the thought of breaking the connection that is growing between us.
My Words have already begun to dissolve inside you, saturating your consciousness. My image has captured your imagination and My eyes have begun to burn a white hot path to that place you no longer wish to guard from Me.

Have you accepted the fact that you need Me? your duty is to feed My constant demand for your Unwavering Loyalty. you must know that you are here to Please Me.

Those energies and desires that have always been nearly too much for you to bare are now your offering to your Goddess. If you are Sincere and Accept the Risk of being drawn deeper into dependence on My intoxicating Essence, then you may Message Me, beg Me to let you prove your worth.

The time has arrived for you to present yourself to Me. Do this Now by Clicking Here to Begin your 30 Day High-End Platinum Experience $1497 ($2420 Value)


If you are unable to commit to 30 days but still want to offer yourself to Me for an Intense Experience, then you may Choose from 1 of the VIP Intensive Packages listed on the “Sidebar”, to the right.

And, of course, if you are only able to offer yourself to Me for a short period of time, with no commitments, you can always Click Here to call Me directly via My listing at $2.93 per minute.

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“Subject to Approval and Availability”.

Goddess Anna

The price is trivial… The Potential, Priceless!