Climbing on your back so you can show Me the True meaning in the words,
“But I only saw one set of footprints.”

My Ownership of you will be the Strongest Experience you will ever know.

you cried out on bended knee for a sign, and… here I am.

This is My current passion and playground. Something to amuse and absorb My constant desire to Experience the many layers of Servitude, Loyalty and Dedication.

My expectations are VERY high. Strive to meet them and you will begin to rise to a level that may allow your lips to graze the soles of My feet.

Its a Seductive and Alluring bond created between us. you adhere to the Idea that you Exist for the Use of a Strong and Empowered Woman, to build Her a foundation and Lift Her Higher.

I Am that Woman.

you are ready to Deepen our connection based on this Belief, to lay yourself Open for My use. you will Begin this Journey by Releasing your male Experience to Me. Day in, day out, drip by drip, it is the cut of submission that marks you as Mine.

It begins everything…

At most you’ll experience only the first prick of the cut that opens you to Me, but the gesture is everything. This is how you become visible to Me.
** Listen **


 you will Start Now by learning what Arouses Me and Turns Me on.

Desire… I am extremely Captured by the sound of your desire for Me. It isn’t so much what you say, as much as it is the sound of the breath you take when you say It.

Submission… There is nothing more erotic than a man on his knees offering his soul to Me. This kind of submission Lubricates My very being.

Edging… Tease and Denial heightens My senses. To see your ebb and flow of lust, desire and need excites Me. But of course, No cumming. Not without My permission.

Sacrifice… Giving up all that you are and all that you have is an Intense Aphrodisiac for Me. The leap of Faith to Dive in and Trust Me. It makes My mouth water at just the thought of it.

Strength… Contrary to what most believe, losers are not welcomed here. Weakness “For” Me does not define a loser. There is a Very Big difference. I love a Strong man who knows When to bend at the knee and When to rise and become the man I have need of.

Goddess Anna
P.S. Listen Carefully… From this moment forward, that cock you have there Belongs to Me, I own it. It is My cock, and I will tell you Exactly what to do with it. Lucky, lucky boy.

P.S.S. you are NOT allowed to cum! Never without My permission. you are My pleasure slave and this is all about Me.

P.P.S. Please Me, Pamper Me, Spoil Me, it is no longer an option, you know you Must.

Psychological Seduction, Sensual Domination, Goddess Worship, Pleasure Slaves,
Sensual Life Coaching, Love Spells, Erotic Hypnosis, Tease and Denial, Financial
Domination, Edge Play, Magick, Feminizing, D/s Contracts and More.

The Reconditioning here promotes you to become magnificent in
The Art of Pleasing Me.
Good boy…